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This Month at GreatMountain

We have so much fun here at GreatMountain and take so many photos that we thought we needed a new page to share photos of our activities.  So, check in from time-to-time to see what we're up to!  Check out the GreatMountain Farm Report here.

New Beginnings - Spring Sledding - March 30, 2008 - Sara Treat and her pup, Lakeside Run Lucy of GreatMountain came to GreatMountain farm today so that Lucy could have her first serious go at dog sledding.  Lucy was hooked up in lead with her aunt, Yukon Charley, with cousin, Jackman in wheel.  They ran behind the GreatMountain team.  Lucy took off and never had one moment of concern with the sled chasing behind her or working in a team.  She ran hard in lead and never faltered during her short half mile run.  She shows incredible promise and we can't wait to have her joining us for more runs!

Moxie & Mahoosuc in lead with Red and Trav'ler in wheel - the lead team

Charley (l) and Lucy (r)
Sara was so pleased to see how well Lucy pulled

The dogs have such a great time running free after they work!

The Family - Trav'ler (far right) with daughter, Charley (middle), and grand daughters Lucy (l) and Red (front)

Lucy & Trav'ler with their owners watching in the background

Oregonians Come to Maine - March 8th & 9th - Ryan & Davina Soumokil came to Maine this weekend to pick up their new puppy, Doubletree X Tuckerman of GreatMt.  We offered them a place to stay and a sled ride if the weather permitted.  The weather did not cooperate on Saturday, but Sunday showed up bright and sunny so we were able to get out sledding and then head to the beach with the pup.  Here are some photos from the run.


The view from Jess' sled

Tucker & Trav'ler at the beach

GreatMountain Winter Party - February 18, 2008 - Each year we have a winter party/soup and dessert challenge so that our friends and family can come together to enjoy all that winter has too offer - great winter sports and great comfort food!   This year it we had quite a Chinook family reunion with 32 Chinooks attending the event (ok, that number includes our 13 dogs, but still...).  We hope you'll enjoy some of the photos from the day.

Chuck driving the Callicoon team


Ten year old Baxter and her son, Kineo
took Polly for a great ride!

Marianne and the Grand River team
Two GreatMountain teams come off the trail
- our puppy Mikki is on the second team with her dad,
Steven driving his first four-dog team!

Mikki is the dog in the red harness - this was her first time working on a team.  She pulled hard
on the short half-mile run, barking her head off as she ran - she just had a blast!

Jess coming off the last run of the day with a five dog team.

Baxter and Atlin singing on the stakeout line!

GreatMountain Macwahoc from our last litter was on hand to enjoy the fun - he's a gentle giant! 
Moxie's friend, Joy, was always by her side.

Hardy Girls Healthy Women - GreatMountain meets Adventure Girls! - We have the greatest opportunity for girls in Maine.  It's called Hardy Girls Healthy Women and it has a component called "Adventure Girls".  Adventure Girls is an interactive adventure-based program for girls in 2nd-6th grade that gives girls the opportunity to meet women who do cool things - including dog sledding!  So, we brought five dogs - Trav'ler, Moxie, Mahoosuc, Chocorua and Red - along with us today to teach 10 Adventure girls and 10 girl scouts about dog sledding.  After a short talk, Jess took the team for a demo loop around a cross-country ski trail and then all of the girls got a chance to drive the team for a short run.  The dogs did so well and were so happy to get all of the attention.  We had a great time too!

Trav'ler, Chocorua, Moxie, Red & Mahoosuc with the girls.

Jess talks with some girls while others pat the dogs


Red giving a big smile to a child

Jess waves at the girls who are down the hill


The dogs work hard through the deep snow.

Callicoon Visitors - January 19th, 2008 - We were thrilled to get the news that Maria Sommer would be making the trip north from NY this weekend to do a little dog sledding and hang out at GreatMountain.  Our friend, Sara Treat, came by on Saturday with her puppy Lakeside Run X Lucy of GreatMountain.  Sara wanted to try out dog-sledding and our dogs gave her the chance.  After a fun run, we fielded a team of Trav'ler grandbabies ranging in age from 1 year to six months to four months.  Don't worry, we didn't let Lucy pull any weight - they were just all hooked up and I ran behind the sled.  It was a photo op and a short positive experience for her in harness.  Lucy was the star of the show - demonstrating natural drive and confidence.  She's got what it takes to pull a sled! 

Jess & Sara's teams coming in off the trail

Baxter & Moxie in lead - they've just caught sight of a squirrel!

Maria's team - looking strong!

Now the real fun starts!

Dogs just wanna have fun!

The puppy hook-up - look at Lucy - she's ready to go!

Lucy takes off like a shot
Lucy & Red in lead, Maddie and Trav'ler in wheel - the GreatMountain sledding genes passed down!

Callicoon X Madeline

Visitors' Weekend - January 6th, 2008 - Because of the holidays, we didn't see much of our local puppy owners and friends.  This weekend, everyone came for a visit!  Seriously, we had four sets of visitors over two days - we took walks, snow shoed and did lots of sledding!

Mahoosuc & Charley waiting patiently for us to get the sleds out.

Dressed and Ready to GO!

Chocorua & Jack
Moxie & Mahoosuc

Polly and Kineo joined the GreatMountain pack for an early morning sledding adventure.

Kineo is Baxter's son - he just celebrated his 7th birthday on Friday!



After the run!

Happy New Year 2008!  In Maine, some people like to take a dip in the Atlantic Ocean on New Years Day.  While we're not that crazy, we did take our Chinooks swimming today - well swimming in the snow at least! Our snow is so deep, that the dogs literally have to swim to get through it.  The dogs went for a long walk in the woods - with Nokomis and Red both helping Jess through the snow on skis.  This was Red's first time in harness and she did great!  After the walk, we groomed the trails and Jess took a four-dog team out for a run on the sled.  When they returned, all of our dogs got to have a great romp in the deep, deep snow.  What an excellent way to start the New Year!

Jess heading out on the trail with 9 dogs (one missing from the photo)

Moxie, Mahoosuc, Nokomis, Jack, Otter & Trav'ler coming in off the trail from their walk.

Nokomis skijoring


Red her first time pulling!

What it's like to be out with 9 dogs!

Nokomis & Charley


Mahoosuc & Moxie

Heading out on the trail in the snow with a four dog team

This photo gives you a good idea of what it looks like out on the trail - it's SNOWY!
Moxie & Mahoosuc in lead, Trav'ler & Charley in wheel

Swimming anyone?

Trav'ler leads the pack through the deep snow


Mother Charley
Daughter Red

Santa Ripley!




Christmas Tree Run - December 15, 2007 - We live on a working Christmas tree farm and have our pick of trees.  We like our dogs to help out will all aspect of farm life, so often ask them to help haul in the tree after it's cut.  This year, we have deep snow on the ground, so dropped the tree onto a tarp and had them haul the tarp out to the road, where the tree went onto the sled.  Moxie and Mahoosuc were the two worker dogs today.  Just as we were bringing in the tree, one of our customers showed up with their tree and two young children.   We offered them a ride and they excitedly accepted.  So, we dumped the tree, went back down the driveway and gave the kids a short ride.  They had a blast!  Not what you expect when you go Christmas tree shopping!

Look at Mahoosuc really digging in to get the tree up the embankment and onto the driveway. 

Moxie & Mahoosuc hauling in the tree.


Mahoosuc & Moxie giving some kids a ride.

...later that day, the exchange student from Germany arrives!  Time for sledding -  Our friend Ash, brought by a high school exchange student from Germany to meet the dogs and to take a dog sled ride.  We've got a lot of snow on the trails and our snow machine is busted, so the trails are not groomed and the sledding is HARD!  Jess took a four dog team out ahead of Jessica (the student) with a two dog team.  The sledding was fun and fast on the packed trail where people had been hauling out their trees.  However, as soon as Jessica's two-dog team hit the deep snow, they quit and wouldn't move forward.  Jess had to turn her team around and bring the second team home.  Thankfully, Jessica had a bit of a fun run on the way back, as her dogs were really motivated!  Jess turned her four dog team around and headed out for a run.  The team worked hard through the deep snow and showed that they are really serious about the work.  They never stopped and kept a good pace.  They're looking good this season!

Jessica driving Chocorua & Jackman

Happy Thanksgiving! - November 25, 2007 - The Family Run -  Last Thanksgiving, we had visitors from Austria who got a short run on our rig down our driveway.  Jess' mom didn't get a ride last season, so she got invited to join the team on a longer training run this season.  We packed five people and five dogs into two vehicles and went off to our local dirt road for a weight training session.  We hooked up five dogs, added mom to the rig and took a run for .8 of a mile.  We turned the team around at that point, put Hilmar on the rig and ran .8 mile back.   In all, the team pulled 500 lbs of weight a mile and a half up and down hills.  Except for a few uphill climbs, the dogs ran at a strong lope. We're very proud of how strong the team is running this season in training runs and look forward to hitting the snow! 

Jess & her mom, Penny, on the trail

Hilmar joins in the fun!  Jess kicks on the rig to keep the team's speed consistent up hills.

The team finishing the run.

Of course, after a run, we bring the dogs home and let them run free with abandon!

Trav'ler - mother


Charley - daughter

Old dog Baxter didn't go for this rig run, but will still work on the team this winter.

Puppy Redington is too young to work just yet, but she's already started her training

Veteran's Day Weekend - November 10th & 11th 2007 - Big Dog Party - Maria Sommer of Callicoon Chinooks with her four dogs and Kim Kramer of Skyland Chinooks with her three Chinooks came up to GreatMountain this weekend for some dog fun.  We had a combined total of 20 dogs here!  On Saturday, we trained 11 dogs in agility for three hours (click here to see the agility photos) and then took 6 dogs for a long walk on the beach.  On Sunday, we spent several hours running the dogs in harness and then took a long walk in the woods.  Our runs on Sunday qualified to be included in the tally of miles in the Dogs Across America run.  GreatMountain X Macwahoc made a guest appearance at the end of the party to visit his sisters, Saba and Redington.  A great time was had by all!

The GreatMountain Team coming back from a two-mile run.  Moxie & Mahoosuc in lead,
Charley & Jack (the ham) in swing and Trav'ler and Chocorua in wheel.

The view on this run is just spectacular!
Maria with Willow & Calli on the scooter.

The Callicoon Team - Willow & Calli in lead, Maddie & Ande in wheel.

Three sibs - Saba, Red & Mac
Just the girls -- Saba & Red

Moxie & Maddie watch as their pack members work in agility

Like mother, like son - Atlin

Maddie looks so much like her grandmother, Trav'ler


Trav'ler and Maddie February 2007

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