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This Month at GreatMountain - Newest Old News

July 9, 2009 - Mahoosuc learns to herd!  Jess got a herding lesson for her birthday and chose Mahoosuc to join her for this new adventure at Little Dove Farm in Appleton, ME.  Suzanne White was our herding instructor.  We had a blast and Mahoosuc demonstrated that she has natural herding ability and a calm working demeanor.  Click here to see more herding photos.

Jess & Mahoosuc working the sheep

Mahoosuc bringing the sheep to Jess

Mahoosuc holding the sheep

 June 26, 2009 - GreatMountain wins BIG at the 2009 Chinook National Specialty!  GreatMountain Redington Guide wins National Best of Breed!  Click here for more photos!

March 26, 2009 - Creekwood puppy arrves!  Click here to see him. - GreatMountain X Sinamokst is the proud papa!

March 21, 2009 - Lily Litter Reunion -  Today, GreatMountain Roscoe came to visit for the first time since he left at 8 weeks old!  Wow has he grown!  This was cause for a Chinook party of course, and his mom, Lily, sister, Tily, and aunt, Chocorua were all on hand to join in the fun.  Tily, Roscoe and Lily were inseparable and played and played and played!  Roscoe also got to try pulling for the first time and he did GREAT!  Both his owners got a chance to drive him on an all-family four dog team.  All the dogs had a blast.  We look forward to seeing Roscoe again soon at the upcoming UKC show in Westfield.

Lily, Roscoe & Tily

Sisters Chocorua & Lily

Roscoe and Tily in lead - both digging in!


It's a family affair - siblings in lead, siblings in wheel

Mahoosuc & Moxie - what a couple of exceptional dogs!

Roscoe needs some more meat on his bones, but at 9 months, he's looking pretty good!
Mr. Studly says, "How you doin'?"

March 14-15, 2009 - Last Runs???? -  This weekend brought perfect conditions for spring sledding.  The trails are FANTASTIC -- hard packed and fast early in the morning, and the temperatures are warm -- 40 degrees!  We have to run early to be easy on the dogs.  On Saturday, our housemate Shannon finally got to drive a team this season.  We were also joined by Tom and his humans, Marty & Joy.  We took out three teams for a lovely 2 and a half mile run.  Jess drove a four dog team, Shannon had Charley and Jack and Marty drove Chocorua and Tom, with Joy in the basket.  The run was the best of the season - fast and exciting.  We had an interesting moment when Jack and Charley were separated from Shannon's sled due to a line failure.  Thankfully, the teams were all stopped at the moment and Jess easily caught the dogs and fixed the line. 

Jess's team with Shannon in hot pursuit

Marty & Joy enjoying a fast ride from Tom and Chocorua

Brothers Jack & Tom


Sunday brought Scott Morgan and Tily to the farm to give Tily a chance for a longer run in harness.  This was also Scott's first technical run on difficult trails.  They both did great!  It was only Jess who wiped out around one corner.  The dogs were all tired after a long weekend of work.  But they weren't too tired to help Baring celebrate his 8th birthday!

Heading out on a beautiful day - Jess is watching how Tily is doing on the second team

She's doing ok...

...but, she is distracted and keeps getting tangled, so Jack is moved to lead and the rest of the run is uneventful.  Check out Chocorua singing!

Jack hamming it up for Pen

Two teams coming in - check out Jess in a t-shirt -- it's spring!

These are some hard working dogs

Tily did so well running so far - her aunt Chocorua and cousin Jack helped a lot!

Three generations - Charley, Trav'ler and Red

Charley & Red race around the house

Happy 8th Birthday Baring!!!  Click here to see more birthday photos of Buddy.

March 7-8, 2009 - Bashaba Chinooks in Maine - This weekend, we were treated to a visit of two of our favorite graduates, Conaway& Tikaani, and their mom, Karen Hinchy.  They haven't had any good snow in New Jersey for sledding this year and were on a quest to get in a run or two before the end of the season.  They succeeded beautifully with Tikaani and Conaway turning in an excellent showing in harness.  We also mightily enjoyed the visit with Karen!

Teams coming out of the woods - check out Karen on one runner!

GreatMountain girls

Conaway and his mom, Chocorua in lead with Tikaani in wheel.

Maybe the picture of the year - Tikaanni flying!

March 1, 2009 - Sledding at Jillson's Farm - One of our favorite local places to visit and have a hearty Sunday breakfast is Jillson's Farm.  We buy our produce there all summer, our chicken for ourselves and our dogs and thoroughly enjoy the company and friendship of the owners, Pat and Ed Jillson.  They have invited us several times to bring the dogs over to sled some Sunday and we finally took them up on it.  We were joined by Scott & Lee Morgan and their dog Tily.  This was an historic sled run for us because Trav'ler, our steady, reliable wheel dog, was not along for the trip.  She injured herself yesterday at another event and was limping last night.  Much to her dismay (and ours too!), we had to leave her at home.  It's a good thing too, because the trails were icy and treacherous.  We were, however, mightily proud of the dogs who pulled - particularly young Red, who worked in single-dog wheel without her grandmom.  She pulled steady and hard and moved the team quickly up steep hills.  She's a throw-back for sure to her great grandmother, Cheena!

Mahoosuc, Chocorua & Moxie at Jillson's Farm

Taking off - Jess driving a five dog team at Jillson's Farm.

Digging in up the hill

Up to the top of the hill - it sure was fast down the other side!
Coming back in.

Cresting another hill - Moxie & Mahoosuc in lead, Chocorua & Tily in team, Red in wheel

Mahoosuc loves to fly!

All the dogs are flying!

Heading home

February 28, 2009 - Adventure Girls! - Today, we met up with 17 girls from Hardy Girls Healthy Women join us for a dog sledding workshop in Waterville, ME.  The girls learned about the breed and the sport of dog sledding, learned how to work in a team, saw the team in action and then got a chance to drive the sled a short distance.  They all had a blast and we made it into the newspaper!

Jess talking to the girls about dog sledding

A girl offers answers to questions while petting Moxie.

The dogs on stakeout.

Chocorua & Red wait to go.

Mahoosuc & Moxie also wait.

The girls help hook up the team.

Jess coming back from the run.

Adventure Girls coordinator Jackie Dupont gets a ride on the sled - look at Mahoosuc dig in!

February 22, 2009 - Hooked on Dog Sledding - If you've ever been on the runners before, you remember your first dog sled ride.  We both remember our first rides and we are always excited to reciprocate by making it possible for others to try out dog sledding.  Today, Scott & Lee Morgan came by with their dog Tily.  Tily has shown real promise in harness and has even run on the GreatMountain A-Team.  We invited Scott by today to drive the B-Team with Tily added in.  Meanwhile, Marty called to see he could bring Tom by to sled.  We were happy to have them all over for a run and were happy that we could also offer Lee her first sled ride as well.  Later in the day, Polly Campbell came by with her two Chinooks for her last run of the season before her knee surgery.  We were happy to grant her wish of a last sled ride before she is laid up for several weeks.

First run - Jess with Scott in close chase - look at how serious Tily is in the second team!

Lee's first ride - Tily & her aunt go stride for stride!


GreatMountain A-team - second run

Tom pulling his child, Joy on her first run!


Tom pulling Marty on his second run - he's still going after two miles working as a single dog!

Joy thanks Tom for the ride


We think maybe Joy is a dog!

Tom & Tily



and her two sons, Jack & Tom

GreatMountain Team - final run of the day - you can tell the dogs are tired.

Polly coming off the trail - look at Callie working!
Callie is smiling - their tails are in perfect sync!

Kineo (8 years), one of the first puppies we produced, runs with his mom, Baxter (11.5 years)

Mother & son in perfect unison

Baxter - the old girl still has it!

February 15, 2009 - Annual Winter Party - Today we hosted the 8th annual winter party here at GreatMountain Farm.  About 60 humans came to enjoy our beautiful trails for sledding, skiing and snow shoeing.  We had 21 dogs visiting - 16 Chinooks.  This was in addition to our 13 dogs!  We had six dogs out all day, so at any given time, we had 22 Chinooks running around together!  They all did really well, especially since we had four intact males together.  Many dogs got to try sledding for the first time and they did great!  The food was excellent and everyone had a great time.   Look forward to seeing everyone again next year!

Jess with her team on the first run of the day

Polly Campbell ran the trails with her dogs Kineo and Callie
Lee Ann Simonson took a three dog team out with her boy Cutler in wheel - she borrowed Chocorua and Cutler's mom, Charley for the trip.

We took several walks with 20 something Chinooks - it was a lot of fun to see so many of them at once!

On the second run of the day, Maddie ran with the GreatMountain team - she looks so much like her brother, Tom!

Chocorua & Tom gave Marty & Joy a fast ride!
Atlin pulled Steve all around the trails and did some skijoring too!

Callicoon sibling team - Callie, Cassie and Bigelow!
Elise & Macwahoc go for a spin

Chocorua & her daughter, Maddie, waiting to go

Mom, Cocorua, with her kids Maddie & Tom - Maddie is digging in!

Family Reunion - (l-r) Cutler, Charley (mom), Redington, Trav'ler (grandmom) and Macwahoc
Saba was here too, but was too busy having fun to be in the photo!

February 1, 2009 - Sledding with Friends - Today after taking a run with a six (almost seven, but things didn't quite work out as intended!), we had some young dogs visit for some training in harness. After a great walk in the woods we hooked up the young dogs and they did great!

Jess and the team heading out on the trail - Moxie & Chocorua in lead, Red and Mahoosuc in team, Jack and Trav'ler in wheel

Coming in with one more dog - Charley is now in wheel with Jack tied to the sled - he just quit after a mile.

Moxie with Charley and Trav'ler on her heels

Lucy and Tily are doing so well on the team!
Go Tom Go!

Tily, Lucy & Tom running free!

January 24, 2009- On the trail again...finally! - Things this sledding season have been too busy and this has meant a serious lack of time on the runners.  Also, it's been bitterly cold in Maine, with many days below 20 degrees.  When it's not subzero, we're getting snow!  We have a good two and a half feet of snow on the ground and it's very deep walking off any groomed trail.  While we've done a little tinkering here and there, Jess hasn't had a chance to get the team out for a real run.  Today was the first day and it was quite a production to get it done!  Jess dressed the dogs, collected her gear and then hauled the sled 2/10 of a mile through deep snow to get to the groomed snow mobile trail on our property.  The dogs ran free until Jess hooked them one-by-one onto the team.  We started with a short run - only two miles - to get them back into shape.  The run out was shaky and Jess had to switch a few leaders around.  However, the team sprinted the mile back home, making it a really fun ride for Jess!  She made them bring the sled back through the deep snow - pulling the sled and Jess through two feet of deep snow.  They did great and were very happy to be back on the trail!

Jess hauling the sled with Chocorua following - every sled dog's dream! "Mush, mommy!"

The dogs running free while Jess prepares the lines and ties down the sled

First Jess hooks in the lead dogs, Moxie & Mahoosuc

Next Jess hooks in the team dogs, Chocorua & Red.  The lead dogs remain lined-out so Jess can hook in the rest of the team.
Note Trav'ler patiently awaiting her turn and her daughter, Charley running away! 

As Jess hooks in the wheel dogs, Charley & Trav'ler, a snowmobile goes by - all of the dogs watch him go by too!

Jess lines out the team.

And they're off!

And, they're back!  The run only lasted about 10 minutes - it doesn't take long to run two miles, even with the big hills.

A great shot of all the dogs faces!

Turning off the groomed trail and into the deep snow.

Deep snow is no problem for these dogs!

Jess stops the team to look for Pen - where did she go???

Set free to run again, the dogs find Penthea!

Mahoosuc is queen of the mountain!

The Team!

GreatMountain X Yukon Charley

Trav'ler, at 9 years 4 months, is still the strongest dog on the GreatMountain team.  Not sure what we're going to do without her when it's finally time for her to retire.  She's a machine.

January 19, 2009 - Puppy Reunion in the Deep Snow! - The weather has been wild this winter in Maine!  The first two weeks of January were frigid with several days with temps 10 to 20 degrees below zero - without wind!  This weekend, the temps finally warmed to 10 to 20 above zero - a regular heat wave.  With the warmer temps came lots of snow, nearly two feet of it.  Today, we had several pups visit to take advantage of the snow and a little harness training.  We started off with a long walk in the very deep snow.  Siblings Echo and Tily were so happy to be reunited and stud-muffins Bigelow and Tom got to meet for the first time.  We walked with four of our dogs, Trav'ler, Chocorua, Mahoosuc and Red.  Our roommate's dog, Pappy, joined in the fun - he's about half the size of the Chinooks, but keeps up just fine. 

Heading out on the trail
Tily & Echo lead everyone back

Tily leads the charge into the deep snow!

Yes, the snow really is so deep it looks like Tom is swimming!

Seriously, Tom and Bigelow are the same size - Tom is just off the trail in the really deep snow

Echo goes into the deep

Tom & Big

The world from Red's perspective


Tom is one handsome dude - look for him on the stud market in 2010!

Our lame attempt at a group photo - the dogs refused to cooperate!

After the walk, the pups had calmed down enough to try pulling.  We could only go up and down the driveway, but this worked out fine.  Red and Mahoosuc worked in lead and for the first run, Bigelow and Tom worked in wheel.  Tom was a steady, hard puller.  He never thought twice about what he was doing.  Bigelow was a beast pulling toward his mom - really unstoppable, but had a harder time going away from her.  He managed to pull it together at the end and made a great showing.  Next up, Tily and Echo were hooked into the wheel position and off we went.  The girls were fantastic, both pulling hard in harness and really enjoying it.  On the way home, Echo lost her concentration and decided it would be more fun to play with Tily, but Tily never gave in and just kept her mind on pulling.  She's going to be a fine sled dog! 

Bigelow was crowding poor Tom, pulling him over to the side.  Who knows where Red and Mahoosuc were going.
Echo and Tily working in earnest!

After the pulling the pups all had a chance to play some more.  It was a great day!

Echo & Tom in the foreground, Bigelow and Echo behind

After all that work, poor Mahoosuc was tired!  She had a great day!

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