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Obedience is about cooperation and team building. The U.K.C. states, "the purpose of an Obedience Trial is to demonstrate the ability of the dog and its handler to work as a smooth, functioning team...A happy working dog with a stable temperament should be the goal of every breeder, owner and handler." In order to obtaina degree of U.K.C. Companion Dog (U-CD), a dog and handler must successfully complete a series of exercises, receiving a passing score in three shows under two different judges.

Honoring:  The Honoring Exercise requires the dog to remain on a down stay while another dog works in the ring.  The handler must leave the dog and the dog must stay down for the duration of the exercise until the handler returns.

Heeling:  During the heeling exercise, the dog must heel on and off leash, changing gaits (normal, fast and slow) and must halt whenever the handler stops.  The dog must also heel around a figure eight.


Stand for Exam:  The handler must leave the dog on a stand stay and the dog must permit the judge to approach the dog and touch the dog while the hanlder stays away.  The exercise is not complete until the handler returns to the dog.

Recall over Jump:  During the recall exercise, the dog must remain on a sit stay until the handler goes to the other side of the jump.  The handler calls the dog over the jump and the dog must sit in front of the handler, returning to heel on command.


Long Sit:  The long sit is a group exercise where all of the dogs must remain on a one minute sit stay while the handlers stand on the opposite side of the ring.  The exercise is finished when the handler returns to the dog.

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