GreatMountain Chinooks
"Loyal friends to the end of the trail"

GreatMountain X North Trav'ler by Saghalie's Kaniksu Reign
Seven Puppies Born October 5, 2004

Tanacross, Sinamokst Red, Coho, McKinley, Kusko Kwim, Yukon Charley, Schoodic Mist

The Proud Parents

The puppies

GreatMountain X Coho

GreatMountain X Schoodic Mist

Big News - Schoodic is a dad!  He produced 6 beautiful pups on Halloween 2006.  Many of his offspring will be held open for breeding.

GreatMountain X McKinley

GreatMountain X Tanacross

Big News - Tanacross is a dad!  He's had two litters, producing a total of 12 puppies.  His pups have gone all across the country and will hopefully contributing to the gene pool as purebreds in the next couple of years!

GreatMountain X Kusko Kwim

Charley with mom, Trav'ler

GreatMountain X Yukon Charley

GreatMountain X Sinamokst Red

In the news...

These pups just turned a year old, and those who are living in working homes will start their first real season of work this winter.  Sinamokst recently visited our pack and tried his paws out on the team.  It was especially fun having Trav'ler and her two kids, Charley and Sinamokst on the same team.  While they only went a short distance, they showed tremendous enthusiasm for pulling!  Here are a couple of photos - Sinamokst is in lead with Moxie, with Trav'ler and Charley in wheel.


Take the Sweetie Challenge!

Glendon's Sweetie (non-Chinook) is at the foundation of the GreatMountain cross line.  We have a wonderful photo of Sweetie that highlights her HUGE paws.  We were lucky enough to get a similar photo of Cheena, Sweetie's daughter, when she was alive.  Now it's time for similar photos from the next generation.  Only, our attempts haven't yielded the perfect result.  So, we're looking for a Trav'ler pup who's up to the challenge - can you get a photo that is worthy of spending time along side the original???  Send photos to...oh, you know where to send photos!

The Original

Glendon's Sweetie


North Down X Cheena

Parting Shots:

Family photo - Tanacross, Trav'ler & Charley - Fall 2006

Trav'ler, Tanacross, Charley, McKinley & Kusko at a rigging event in March 2006


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