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'PR' GreatMountain Strider's Fuel DNA-VIP
Born November 15, 2009 ● Female ● 36lbs at 5 months

GreatMountain Strider's Fuel - aka Strider

Strider is the daughter of CH 'PR' GreatMountain Cutler and GR CH 'PR' GreatMountain Mahoosuc Bluebery.  This was a special pairing for us that happened at a special time.  So, it's not surprising Strider is a special pup!  Strider represents the coming together of our cross line with one of our purebred lines.  She is the 5th generation in our cross line (although she and her father are purebred, they descend from a cross line).  We have her great grandsire, Baring, great grandmother, Trav'ler, grandmother, Charley, grandmother, Moxie and mother, Mahoosuc all living in our house.  This doesn't even count Aunt Red and Great Aunt Otter! 

CH 'PR' GreatMountain Cutler


GR CH 'PR' GreatMountain Mahoosuc Bluebery with her pups

Strider and her littermates

What's in a name???  Strider was conceived just a few days after we lost our dear Katahdin - our first Chinook.  We named the litter in Katahdin's honor and all of the pups had names associated with her.  Katahdin was actually named after our favorite restaurant - not the mountain in Maine.  Fuel is our favorite restaurant now, and so this is how Strider comes by that part of her name.  Many people ask about her call name - yes, she is named after Strider in Lord of the Rings.  It also seems like a particularly great sled dog name!

Strider at five months

Strider at 5 months


Strider at 5 weeks

Strider and Mahoosuc are inseparable

Strider with grandmom, Moxie

Strider visiting with her great grandfather, Duncan - he LOVED her and not in a grandfatherly way...

Four Generations:  Strider, Red, Trav'ler & Charley

Strider visiting the grave of the 5th generation - her great great grandmother, North Down X Cheena

The True Strider - she's got the drive!

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