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Balsam Ridge Ripley River DNA-VIP

DOB June 30, 2004
CERF Normal
OFA Good

Our very first Chinook was Katahdin, a 2nd generation cross from the WoodsRunner cross line.  Two dogs later came Baxter, the daughter of Katahdin's brother, Erebus.  We had hoped one day to have a Baxter granddaughter join our pack, but this was not to be.  So, we've added the next best thing - Baxter's great niece!  Baxter's sister, Raqui went to live with Syd and Ann of Balsam Ridge Chinooks.  She produced a lovely female, Balsam Ridge Katie.  Katie was accepted as a purebred Chinook by the UKC in April of 2005.  She was bred to Cloudburst Kennebec River to produce the first purebred litter from the WoodsRunner cross line.  We are so pleased to be able to have a puppy from this line.  

GR CH Cloudburst Kennebec River


Balsam Ridge X Katherine

(left to right) Lucille, Timba, Erebus, Raqui, Katie and assorted puppies
The Generations:  Timba (1st) produced Erebus (2nd) who was bred to Lucille (purebred) 
to produce Raqui (3rd) who produced Katie (4th) who produced all the puppies (5th)!!!

Ripley with great grandmother, Lucille

Ripley with great, great grandmom, Timba

Ripley loves to run and play.  She is not interested in working on the team yet, but might develop that interest some day when she matures a bit more.

Ripley & Nokomis after Ripley's first sled run.

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