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Working without snow!

Before a team is ready to run on the snow, they have to have proper conditioning and training. We use the spring, summer and fall months to get the dogs in shape for a winter of sledding. We use several methods to teach the dogs to pull and to condition the dogs for sledding. We run them free with our bikes on safe trails or use a Springer¬© to ride in the city. We also use a wheeled sled, called a rig, to condition the sled team in the fall when there is no snow.  After a few months of pulling a heavy rig, the team just flies over the snow!

We use the skijor line and an experienced lead dog to train our puppies to pull.
Allagash on her first training run with Tangles.

Rangeley and Baxter on a Springer©


We also use the skijor line tied to a bike -
this is called bikejoring. It is a popular
way to race one or two dogs in the fall.

Six dog team pulling a rig.

Four dog team running around Back Cove in Portland, Maine.

The dogs are so serious when they're working.


Everyone gets treats after a run!

The dogs are staked out before and after a run.


The dogs all wear orange vests during hunting
season because they sure look like deer!

We also run the dogs on a four-wheeler.  This conditions them to pull weight and lets us train, even when the conditions aren't right for rigging.  Here's the team taking off and returning on the same run.

Our First Race! (Fall 1998)

Before and after a run, the dogs are secured to a stakeout line.

GreatMountain Team runs first race,...


...even passes another team,...


...and crosses the finish line, not in last place!

Our Second Race (Fall 1999)

Rangeley & Baxter crossing the finish line with a winning time. They beat an Alaskan bikejor team and turned in a better time than all but three of the eleven four dog teams.


Baxter & Rangeley with driver, Jessica and handler, Tamara Clark. Baxter ran in and won her first race on her 2nd birthday.

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