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NBOB CH 'PR' GreatMountain Redington Guide DNA-VIP CGC
Born June 14, 2007 ● Female ● 58lbs, 23.5 inches
CERF Normal ● OFA Prelim Good ● PennHIP 50th Percentile
2009 National Best of Breed
2008 National Best Cross Chinook

July 18, 2009 - News Flash! - Redington wins a UKC Champion of Champions Title and two more Best of Breeds.  As of this date, she's the 2009 #2 Chinook in the country by points!

June 26, 2009 - News Flash!  GreatMountain Redington Guide wins 2009 National Specialty

National Best of Breed 'PR' GreatMountain Redington Guide DNA-VIP CGC

Redington is the daughter of Hurricane Crispin Soul and GreatMountain X Yukon Charley.  She was a fourth generation crossbred dog from our line, but attained purebred registration on June 22, 2009, after she met all of the requirements of the Chinook Owners Association CrossBreeding Program.  In her first show as a UKC purebred, Red won the National Specialty.  It doesn't get much better than this!  This is the first time in the history of our breed that a class dog has won the National Specialty.  Red is also the first Chinook from the CrossBreeding Program to win the National Specialty and the only dog to have won both the National Chinook Specialty and the National Chinook Cross Specialty.  While we love earning this recognition, we most highly prize Red for her sledding drive and exceptional temperament.  She is an incredible natural athlete with drive and stamina and loves all dogs, children and other creatures.  You just couldn't ask for a nicer dog! 

'PR' Hurricane Crispin's Soul


GreatMountain X Yukon Charley

Redington and her littermates

What's in a name???  Poor Redington went weeks without a final name.  That's because we wanted to get it just right.  She was born into our "Mountain Litter".  Her puppy name had been Flyrod Crosby, after an inspirational woman who was Maine's first registered guide.  While we loved the idea of calling her Flyrod, we really didn't like the call name.  So, we stuck with the "guide" and mountain theme and went with Redington Guide.  Mount Redington is one of Maine's highest peaks and it's just outside of Rangeley, Maine, where Cornelia "Flyrod" Crosby guided from for nearly 50 years.  We were pleased that this name also makes the Alaskan connection as Joe Redington, Sr. is known as the father of the Iditarod.  Our foundation female for this cross-line was named Cheena after the Chena River in Alaska.  Cheena died just before Charley was born and we named her "Yukon Charley" in honor of Cheena. Charley's the only dog in our pack named after an Alaskan place.

Red at six months

It is really something to have grandmother, mother and child in the same household!  This is one bonded family too - Trav'ler and Charley are very close and are now including Redington in their play and adventures.

Charley & Red


Red learned to take the tire jump on command at 9 weeks old!

Redington with grandmother, GreatMountain X North Trav'ler

Charley (left), Trav'ler (middle) and Red (right) - three generations

Red has been running on the team since she was six months.  She has proven herself as a hard-charging, versatile sled dog.  Here she is working in single dog wheel on a five dog team on a hard run.  She can also run confidently in lead.

Red runs in wheel with her grandmother - check her out flying in this photo!

Family Reunion - Cutler, Charley, Red, Trav'ler and Macwahoc!

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