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Tomorrow River Litter

On May 1st, Sugar River "Adia" Askawii  whelped nine beautiful puppies - 6 girls and 3 boys!  The proud papa of this purebred litter is our stud, GreatMountain X Coho.  The pups and Adia are all doing well.  The pups were born in Wisconsin and the owner of the litter is MaryKay Helbach. 

We are entitled to a pick puppy from this litter and will keep that pup intact for breeding.  We are looking for a home that will keep a female intact for breeding.  If you're interested in speaking with us about this, email at  Or, if you're interested in a pet from this litter, contact MaryKay directly at

Please note, these puppies are 4th generation crossbred puppies from an approved Chinook cross line.  The pups that remain intact for breeding who pass their health screenings are eligible for purebred registration within the United Kennel Club.  Depending upon how things are going within the AKC at that time, they may be able to be registered with that organization as well, but that depends on how long the stud book remains opened. 


Week 3


Adia and Coho

Meet the Puppies



Litter Photos (birth)

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