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"Loyal friends to the end of the trail"

CH 'PR' Hurricane Nokomis Dream DNA-VIP
Reserve Best Female - 2005 Chinook National Specialty
DOB April 24, 2004 * CERF Normal * OFA Good

Nokomis & her daughter, Tikaani

Nokomis means "grandmother".  She is the earth goddess of the Algonquin.  She nurtures all living things.  She is the goddess of nature, fertility, growth, and life itself.  Nokomis was Hiawatha's grandmother in Longfellow's poem, The Song of Hiawatha.  In addition, Nokomis is responsible for the Dream Catcher in native history - she stopped her grandchild from killing a spider, who in return spun a web that protected her from bad dreams.

GR CH 'PR' Rivertrail Seneca

Nokomis is the daughter of Seneca and Electra.   This is a close breeding to our Baring - Electra is his mom and Seneca is his half-brother. 

GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Electra

Nokomis and her friend, Josh

Nokomis came into our pack like she'd been here forever.  She met each dog and after a brief introduction, began playing with the young ones.  She's made friends easily with all of our dogs, but enjoys a special friendship with Otter and Chocorua. 


Nokomis loves Courtney.


Nokomis with half-brother/uncle Baring.

Nokomis all grown up.

Nokomis' serious appearance belies the fact that she's an incredibly goofy dog.  She's got a wonderful smile she seldom shows the camera and she is a wild runner.

Nokomis chased by Charley

Nokomis produced a lovely litter of five pups in October 2006.  The sire was GreatMountain X Tanacross.  These pups are purebred eligible and some will be entering the purebred registry late in 2008.

Nokomis loves being a mom!

Three of Nokomis' offspring - (l-r) Tikaani, King & Tanaina at the 2008 National Specialty


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