GreatMountain Chinooks
"Loyal friends to the end of the trail"

GreatMountain Tribute Litter
CH Hurricane Nokomis Dream X GreatMountain X Tanacross
Five puppies born October 17, 2006

The Tribute Litter

North Down X Cheena, a first generation crossbred dog, was the foundation female for the GreatMountain cross line.  Cheena gave us our dear GreatMountain X North Trav'ler from our first GreatMountain litter.  Trav'ler gave us seven wonderful pups at the third generation, including the sire of this litter, GreatMountain X Tanacross. This litter represents seven years of work on our cross line and the pups that move forward in breeding homes will be eligible to be registered as purebred Chinooks by the United Kennel Club. 

As a tribute to Cheena, who is named after the Chena River in Alaska, we gave all of the pups kennel names that are Athabascan or from the Tanacross region of Alaska.  The Village of Tanacross is an Athabascan Indian Community located on the banks of the Tanana River near Tok, Alaska.  Tanacross is an endangered Athabascan language spoken by fewer than 60 people.  Three of the pups have kept their Athabascan names.  To read more about Tanacross, go to

Four of the five pups will be held open for evaluation for breeding. 


Nokomis & Tanacross (3rd generation)

Three generations:  WoodsRunner Duncan (R) visiting his daughter, GreatMountain X North Trav'ler and granddaughter, GreatMountain X Yukon Charley (L)

GreatMountain X Tanaina
2007 National Best Cross Female
Tana lives with Hurricane Finnegan and Karen & Dave in CO

Tana is the 2007 National Best Cross Female!


Tana pulling a tire at the National Specialty

GreatMountain X Mikkelsen
Mikki lives with Steven & Abby in MA


Mikki working on the GreatMountain team!

GreatMountain X Tikaani
Tikaani lives with GreatMountain Passaconaway and Karen in NJ

Tikaani is running regularly on a bikejor team - she's quite the lead dog!
Tikaani with her dad, Tanacross at the Chinook Olympics

Trav'ler, Nokomis & Tikaani

Conaway & Tikaani chilling out

GreatMountain X Kinguyakkii
King lives with Cosmo and Nathan & Adelaide in GA

I want the squirrel!

Click here to more see photos of King


CH Cloudburst Dewey, CH GreatMountain Chicory Stout and King

GreatMountain X Maximus (aka Ecco)
Max lives Louie, Jake, Charlie (all dogs!) and Pete & Lisa in MA.


Max & Louie at the MACC/CNE weight pull event




Litter Photos

Trav'ler (grandmom), Tanacross (dad) and Mikki & Tikaani

Mikki, Tikaani & Max at the weight pull - with their grandmom, Trav'ler and cousins Ukko, Maddie and Tiaga

Tanacross, Pups & Nokomis at 8 weeks

Great grandfather, Duncan, with his great grandchildren


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