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This Month at GreatMountain

We have so much fun here at GreatMountain and take so many photos that we thought we needed a new page to share photos of our activities.  So, check in from time-to-time to see what we're up to!  Check out the GreatMountain Farm Report here.

January 11, 2009 - Surprise! Penthea turns 50 on January 13th, so Jess planned a surprise party that included a really big surprise - Karen Hinchy, Maria Sommer and Kim Kramer traveling from NY and NJ to attend!  They were at a show in CT that day, so just traveled the rest of the way to ME for the event.  The next day, we had a family reunion, with some extra vistors.

A hearty group of people and dogs who love Penthea!

Moxie, telling her daughter, Mahoosuc off!

Pappy, Tily & Tikaani

Wild dogs!

A frenzied pack of Chinooks

Willow, Callie, Tily and Tikaani


December 20, 2008 - Christmas Tree Adventures - This year, we picked out a tree as far away from the house that we could find!  Since we got six inches of new snow, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to put the dogs to work.  Jess hooked up a four-dog team - Moxie & Mahoosuc in lead, Red and Trav'ler in wheel and took them out on an unbroken trail to retrieve the tree.  The sledding was hard heading out and Jess had to run often next to the sled to keep them moving.  The tree was about 3/10 of a mile away from the house.  Once Jess got to the tree, she let the dogs run free while she cut it down.  The tree was big and very heavy.  Jess put it on a small plastic sled, tied it down, connected it to the gangline and to the sled and put the team back onto the gangline.  Remarkably, when she gave the command to go, off they went towing the tree and Jess!  They ran most of the way home, stopping only when the tree got stuck on tight turns. This was incredibly hard work but the dogs were up to it!  We were quite proud of them!

The team coming in.

You can see how hard they're working!

Making it home!

All the dogs looking at Jess - What's next mom?"

GreatMountain X Redington and her grandmom, GreatMountain X North Trav'ler worked in wheel together - Red loves Trav'ler!

December 14, 2008 - Girl Scout Troop 843 -  Our vets have six daughters and the oldest are all in troop 843.  They are always looking for things to do, so I offered a little trail clearing volunteerism for a dog sledding demo.  Remarkably, they thought this was a good deal!  So, we got two hours of hard work from six great Girl Scouts and they got to hang out with Chinooks for a couple of hours and watch them run.  Sadly, we didn't get any photos of the team running because our photographer (Penthea) was interrupted by a Christmas tree customer.  But, we got a few fun shots of the dogs and girls.

Crazy Trav'ler



Mahoosuc & Charley

October 13, 2008 - Puppy Training - We are lucky to live nearby several recently placed Chinook puppies, so Jess has been offering a free weekly puppy class.  We get to see Tilly, Echo, Bigelow and Callie every week!  Here are some photos from today's class.

Tilly on a down stay with Scott
Echo learning the dog walk

Bigelow learning to "bang it" on the teeter
Callie heeling

October 12, 2008 - Puppy Visitors - Today was a day for puppy visitors - two from our last two litters.  We haven't seen Tom since he left at 8 weeks.  We get regular updates, but it's nothing like the real thing!  So, we were thrilled to have Tom come up and romp with the pack and then try out pulling in harness for the first time. As he's still quite young - only five months - we only went a very short distance with very little pulling.  He worked with his mom on the bike!  He out-pulled Chocorua and acted like he's been doing this for years.  He's going to be an amazing sled dog!  He's also pretty darn sweet and cute, so maybe a good stud dog one day too! 

Tom & his mom, Chocorua


Big boy Tom sharing a drink with his grandmother, Trav'ler

Happy Mother's Day!  - May 11th - Since we have a lot of mothers here at GreatMountain, we decided we should honor them with a few photos today.  Of course, no photo shoot would be complete without children!

GreatMountain Moms (L-R) Charley, Trav'ler, Nokomis, Moxie, Chocorua & Baxter

Chocorua, Trav'ler, Moxie, Charley, Baxter & Nokomis

Mahoosuc & her mom, Moxie

Trav'ler (center) with daughter, Charley (R) and Charley's daughter, Red


Chocorua & her son, Jack, the horse!  The standing photo shows their difference in height - he is not standing up hill!

While Katahdin was never a mom, her continued joy is our gift on Mother's Day, and so we celebrate her life!

The only "good" dogs at GreatMountain - at least the only ones that can hold a prolonged stay!

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