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GreatMountain Chinooks wins big at the 2009 National Specialty! 

The 2009 Chinook National Specialty was held in Bridgewater, NJ on June 26, 2009; the Specialty was judged by the Honorable Tina Camp.  There were seventeen dogs in competition - some of the best from around the country including top dogs from the Southwind, Hurricane and Rain Mountain kennels.  GreatMountain had seven dogs entered in the purebred competition - either dogs we own or co-own.  Three of these dogs were "new" purebreds from our crossline who had just received their United Kennel Club registrations three days before the Specialty!  Remarkably, one of these dogs, GreatMountain Redington Guide walked away with the National Best of Breed win!

National Best of Breed 'PR' GreatMountain Redington Guide DNA-VIP CGC

It is unusual for a Champion to beat a Grand Champion for a National Best of Breed win.  It is unheard of for a class dog to take this win.  In fact, it has never happened in the history of our breed since dogs began earning UKC titles.  So, it was not even in our frame of reference to hope for this win!  Red also made another kind of history with this win.  She became the first purebred from the Chinook Owners Association CrossBreeding Program to win a National Specialty.  For now she also holds the distinction of being the only Chinook to ever win both a National Chinook Specialty (2009) and National Chinook Cross Specialty (2008).  This win comes after 10 years of dedication, planning and hard work on the GreatMountain crossline.  We are grateful to all of the Chinook breeders who have helped us along the way.  As for Red, the win won't go to her head - she got taken down a peg or two when her brother and her cousin beat her the next day!  Red also earned her Canine Good Citizen award at the Specialty.

Speaking of Red's brother, GreatMountain Cutler, he had a pretty great win himself.  He won Best Male at the 2009 National Specialty!  Cutler is one special dude.  He is very mellow and seemingly unflappable.  He has a presence about him that exudes quiet self-confidence.  He also has a natural stack and a fluid gait, making him an easy dog to exhibit.  We're quite proud of his accomplishment!  He earned his Canine Good Citizen award two weeks before the Specialty. 

2009 National Best Male - 'PR' GreatMountain Cutler DNA-VIP CGC

This wasn't all the excitement GreatMountain had at the Specialty.  In fact, we were blessed with another big win.  Penthea showed Chocorua to a win in the Grand Champion class over some very experienced and beautiful dogs.  This was Chocorua's last hurrah as she's scheduled to be spayed and will retire from dog showing.  She was her normal self, wooing in the ring and acting like a young colt.  But, when it really mattered, she turned on the charm and that powerful gait of hers, and earned herself the win.  She's had many wonderful accomplishments in her show career, including a big Best in Multi-Breed Show win, but has never won anything in a National Specialty.  After this win, she showed off her offspring in the Brood Bitch class - and won that handily since there were no other entries!Next, Chocorua earned her Canine Good Citizen award - what a long and productive day for an old girl!

2009 National Grand Champion - BIMBS GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Chocorua Moon DNA-VIP CGC

Chocorua's daughter, Willow, also had a great showing.  While she didn't win the Champion class at the National Specialty, she did take Reserve Champion of Champions in a very nice class of Champions!  She also earned her Canine Good Citizen award!

2009 Reserve Champion of Champions - CH GreatMountain Willowemoc DNA-VIP CGC

Not to be forgotten, we must mention Mahoosuc's contribution to the National Specialty.  While Mahoosuc got beat by Chocorua in the Grand Champion class, she elbowed her way into the spotlight by standing in at the last minute as a dog to be handled by junior handler Ryan Kramer.  Ryan's dog came into heat at the last minute and he needed a dog to handle.  Mahoosuc did a great job for him and Ryan ended up winning the Best Junior Handler!  Congratulations Ryan!!!  Mahoosuc also earned her Canine Good Citizen award!

2009 Best Junior Handler, Ryan Kramer, with GR CH 'PR' GreatMountain Mahoosuc Blubery DNA-VIP CGC

Finally, we were thrilled that five crossbred Chinooks descending from our line competed in the National Cross Specialty.  Two siblings, Lakeside Run X Jacoby and Lucy of GreatMountain won Best Cross Male and Best Cross Female respectively.  Jacoby went on to win National Best Chinook Cross.  We were extra proud of Lucy who went on to earn her Canine Good Citizen award.  Both dogs were later formally evaluated by Judge Camp as part of the requirements of the CrossBreeding Program.  Both passed as meeting the Chinook standard!  Yeah!!!

2009 National Best Chinook Cross Lakeside Run X Jacoby DNA-VIP (L) and
2009 Best Cross Female Lakeside Run X Lucy of GreatMountain DNA-VIP CGC

We are thankful to all of our puppy owners who made the trek to New Jersey to participate in the show.  We want to offer congratulations to GreatMountain Kingyuakkii, GreatMountain Ningo Saba, GreatMountain X Madison, GreatMountain X Kusko Kwim and especially GreatMountain Passaconaway for earning their Canine Good Citizen awards!  We are proud of you all!

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