GreatMountain Chinooks
"Loyal friends to the end of the trail"

GR CH Rain Mountain Moxie X Northeast Wind Moosilauke
Purebred Litter:  Five puppies born April 19, 2005

Moose & Moxie


Moose is Baring's son, and we were thrilled to be able to produce a litter with him.  Moxie gave birth to four boys and one girl.  The only girl, Mahoosuc, has stayed in our kennel.  While four of the five puppies were rated as breeding quality, the boys all lacked the necessary equipment (i.e. two testicles) to move forward in a breeding program, so all have been neutered.  However, they're all wonderful pets and are greatly loved by their families.


GreatMountain Atlin Moekaneu
Atlin lives with GreatMountain X Kusko Kwim and Kim, Steve & Ryan in NJ


Atlin, Moxie & Mahoosuc

GreatMountain Rocky
Rocky lives with Magdalena and Richard in Toronto, Canada


GreatMountain Bailey
Bailey lives with Bonnie & Mike in ME and visits often with his mom and sister


Atlin, Mahoosuc, Moxie & Bailey

GreatMountain Fiver
Fiver lives with Jane & Hans in AK


GreatMountain Mahoosuc
Mahoosuc lives here at GreatMountain - check out her webpage


Litter Photos



Moxie, Moose & Mahoosuc


2006 Family Reunion - Polar (Moose's brother), Moxie,
Mahoosuc, Moose and Atlin


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