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GreatMountain Mountain Litter
GreatMountain X Yukon Charley X Hurricane Crispin's Soul
Five puppies born June 14, 2007

North Down X Cheena, a first generation crossbred dog, was the foundation female for the GreatMountain cross line.  Cheena gave us our dear GreatMountain X North Trav'ler from our first GreatMountain litter.  Trav'ler gave us seven wonderful pups at the third generation, including the dam of this litter, GreatMountain X Yukon Charley. This litter represents seven years of work on our cross line and the pups that move forward in breeding homes will be eligible to be registered as purebred Chinooks by the United Kennel Club. 

As a tribute to Trav'ler, who is named after North Traveler Mountain in Baxter State Park, very near Katahdin Mountain, we have given the girls kennel names that are either mountains in Maine or associated with mountaineering.  Of course, because Charley has a "boy's name" we couldn't resist following this trend for her daughters.  The boys are both named after Maine towns.

The litter includes 3 girls and 2 boys - all are tawny with dark masks (some may look silver in some of the photos below, but they are all black). Sadly, one girl was lost during delivery.  The sire is 'PR' Hurricane Crispin's Soul. 


Charley & Crispin

The Pups

Red, Mac, Gracie, Cutler & Saba with great granddaddy Duncan

Red & Gracie


Week Eight - Going Home

What an incredible weekend we had here at GreatMountain farm!  Puppy owners started arriving late in the afternoon on Friday, some to meet their new puppies for the first time. 

Lee Ann Simonson was the first to arrive with WoodsRunner X Maisy.  Maisy is Katahdin's sister and this weekend marked the first time in 12 years they saw one another since they were 8 weeks old.  Maisy came with Lee Ann to Maine to pick up her new baby brother, Cutler.  

Karen Hinchy and her aunt, Maureen arrived on Lee Ann's heels with Conaway and Tikaani.  They were here for the Olympics, so crashed our puppy party the night before. 

The Hays family pulled in next, with kids Alex, Amanda and Will quickly heading into the puppy yard to play with their new puppy, Macwahoc.  They had visited only a few days earlier and Mac seemed to know he was their pup.  He was carefully going from one family member to the next getting attention.

As soon as they were settled, Mary Hueber arrived.  Mary came late to our puppy list, as we turned up with an extra puppy when the litter was six weeks old.  Mary was thrilled to meet Gracie and Gracie was equally pleased to meet her.  It was a sweet meeting.

Finally, the Kramers pulled up the rear, with GreatMountain pups Kusko and Atlin in tow.  Both of those boys were placed as pets but they're finally ready to take the plunge into breeding, so are taking Saba as a breeding-potential girl.  The Kramers camp in our front yard, so they commenced to set up camp.

After a dinner, lots of laughs and photos, Mac headed home with his family.  Mary arrived early the next morning to sweep Gracie away to NY.  The rest of the pups traveled with their new families to the Olympics where they were the hit of the event!  Saturday night found us all around a table eating sweet Maine lobster and talking dogs.

On Sunday morning, the Kramers, Lee Ann and Jess set out with seven adult dogs and the puppies and ended up taking the pups up our little mountain - this was the first time we've taken 8 week pups up the mountain and they did terrific!  We had a wonderful time and it was just what the puppies needed before taking long car rides home. 

When we arrived back home, Bob Jones pulled in with four of his dogs, Hudson, Sophia, Kamik and Trailbreaker.  Faye Luppi was right behind him with Erebus.  This was a family reunion for four 12 year old siblings - Erebus, Katahdin, Trailbreaker and Maisy.  The dogs all got reacquainted and we took lots of photos.  Baxter and Hudson also got to have their photos taken with daddy, Erebus.  See these photos click here.

One by one everyone took off except for Karen and her aunt, who kenneled Conaway and Tikaani in our new front kennels and headed to Freeport.  Later that afternoon, Karen and Jess took a bunch of dogs for a nice long walk in the woods and then we all headed out for dinner. 

Just another weekend at GreatMountain!  We hope you enjoyed meeting the pups and that you'll get to know each one through their owners in the future.

Saba, Mac and Mahoosuc

Puppies and owners returning home after a long hike.

Lee Ann, Steve, Kim & Ryan with the puppies on the top of our mountain.

The Girls

GreatMountain X Redington Guide (Red)
Red has joined the GreatMountain pack - view her web page.
Born June 14, 2007, 9:24 a.m.:  Female, birth weight 10.5 ounces, week eight weight 14lbs


GreatMountain X Onondaga (Gracie)
Gracie lives in NY with Mary Hueber - she will join Tess and Chinook, Mack.
Born June 14, 2007, 10:31a.m.:  Female, birth weight 10.5 ounces, week eight weight:  14lbs 3.2 ounces

Mary & Gracie

GreatMountain X Ningo Saba (Saba)
Saba lives in NJ with the Kramers, Uncle Kusko and Moxie's son, Atlin
Born June 14, 2007, 1:40 p.m.:  Female, birth weight 8.7 ounces; week eight weight:  11lbs 8 ounces

Steve, Ryan & Kim with Saba, Kusko & Atlin

The Boys

GreatMountain X Macwahoc (Mac)
Mac lives right here in Maine with the Hays Family - he is there first Chinook...
Born June 14, 2007, 11:06 a.m.:  Male, birth weight 14.4 ounces; week eight weight:  14lbs 8 ounces

Amanda, Alex & Will
Will, Alex, Scott, Amanda & Elise with Mac

GreatMountain X Cutler
Cutler lives in NY with the Simonsons, Chinook Maisy and two other doggy friends
Born June 14, 2007,1:43 p.m.:  Male, birth weight 12.6 ounces; week eight weight:  14lbs

Lee Ann, Maisy & Cutler

Some Our Favorite Litter Photos


We hope you enjoyed meeting this GreatMountain litter!


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