Lakeside Run Chinooks
Westford, MA
Carol Orton

The Beatles Litter
Born September 9, 2007

There is still one male puppy available from this litter.  Please contact Carol Orton at if you would like to apply for a puppy.

The Parents

GreatMountain X Tanacross


CH 'PR' Rivertrail Liberty

Liberty and her brood

Liberty gave birth to seven beautiful tawny puppies on September 9, 2007.  There are five boys and two girls.  The puppies were evaluated by Bill and Susan Burrell at 4 days old and received high praise for their uniform and correct conformation.  Susan actually called it a "phenomenal" litter - praise that has not been offered to many other litters they've evaluated.

This is a 4th generation crossbred litter from the GreatMountain line.  The puppies who remain intact and who pass health and conformation tests at 2 years of age will be eligible to be registered as purebred Chinooks by the United Kennel Club.  For more information on the Chinook Owners Association CrossBreeding Program, click here.

The Puppies - Week Seven
The names are fun kennel names.  The pups will not keep the names in their new homes.  Puppies appear in birth order. 

The whole litter at seven weeks

Lakeside Run Lucy (pink ribbon)
Female:  Birth Weight:  11.25 ounces


Lucy kissing grandma Trav'ler

Lakeside Run Maxwell (green ribbon)
Male:  Birth Weight:  11 ounces


Sorry - it's the best body shot of him -
he was playing too much to get individual photos of him!

Lakeside Run Penny (purple ribbon)
Female:  Birth Weight:  9.5 ounces


Lakeside Run Jude (blue ribbon)
Male:  Birth Weight:  12.75 ounces


Lakeside Run Sgt. Pepper (red ribbon)
Male:  Birth Weight:  11 ounces


Lakeside Run Father MacKenzie (yellow ribbon)
Male:  Birth Weight:  10.75 ounces


Lakeside Run Jojo (no ribbon - he won't keep it on!)
Male:  Birth Weight:  10.75 ounces


Some Candid Shots

(l-r) Jojo, Mackenzie, Pepper (back to), Jude, Penny & Lucy
Were they watching Max?

The pups meeting their grandma, Trav'ler, for the first time.

Chewing on grandma's tail is great fun!

Mackenzie, Jude & Jojo

Max & Jude square off over who gets to sit on their brother

Max & Penny (she gets into all the photos!)

Penny gives Sarah kisses


Sara & Maxwell

Lucy & Penny

Lucy & Penny

Check back soon for updated photos!

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