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GreatMountain Tupelo Jackman DNA-VIP
Born April 5, 2006 CERF Normal ● Neutered
27 inches tall
● 65 pounds



Chocorua & Tucker

Jack is the son of GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Chocorua Moon and CH Balsam Ridge Tucker. He looks a little like both of his parents!  

Chocorua & Baby Jack

Hard to believe he was that little!

There's no denying that Jack stayed on at GreatMountain for one reason and one reason only - to keep Chocorua happy.  She was very sad when her first litter left and we felt like she needed to keep a pup from her second litter.  We also hoped Jack could be used as a GreatMountain stud.  Unfortunately, one of his testicles failed to descend, so he has been neutered.  We are sorry he could not go on to contribute to the gene pool as he is otherwise an exceptional example of the breed.

However, Jack fulfills his chosen role quite well.  He is greatly loved by his mother, entertains our pack, plays nursemaid to our litters and is turning into a great sled dog.  How could you ask for anymore?!?

Chocorua & Jack
Jack is a GIANT compared to his mom, and pretty much any other Chinook!

Jack picking berries
Jack is an excellent friend to puppies
(Nokomis litter)

Jack's litter:  Willow, Jack, Willowemoc, Sockeye and Chicory.

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