Granite Hill Chinooks
"Improving the breed by remembering the past"

John & Leslie Donais
Dover, New Hampshire


Granite Hill Chinooks is proud to announce the arrival of our first litter!  After 9 months of researching potential sires for CH 'PR' Rain Mountain Tatoosh of Bear Creek, we chose two possible studs, GreatMountain X Tanacross and Lakeside Run Indiana Jones.  As it turned out, Tatoosh did not want to mate with either naturally, so Leslie Donais did what had to be done and accomplished a very successful artificial insemination with both studs! 

Nine weeks later, seven puppies arrived safely, 5 boys and 2 girls.  The DNA is in the mail and we'll know in 4-6 weeks who the lucky sire is.  For now, we're just enjoying the wonderful pups Tatoosh has brought into the world. 

The pups are all named after rocks in honor of our kennel theme - The historical Chinook - solid as granite.  We hope you'll enjoy watching the pups as they grow!


Tatoosh is an awesome mom and is so happy with her pups!


Is it Tanner????  YES!

Who's the daddy?

DNA News has arrived!
Tanacross is the confirmed dad of five out of seven pups! The lab could not complete genetic testing on Quartz and Green Stone as they need more genetic material, but they are assumed to be from Tanacross as well!

Is it Indy????

The first Granite Hill Litter!

Granite Hill X Blue Granite (male) - call name Enatai


Granite Hill X Green Stone (male) - call name Bula


Granite Hill X Ruby Red (female) - call name Ruby


Granite Hill X Pink Diamond (female) - call name Uma


Granite Hill X White Quartz (male) - call name Denali


Granite Hill X Yellow Tiger Eye (male) - call name Obie


Granite Hill X Black Slate (male) - call name Denali



The puppies crashed out.

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