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"Loyal friends to the end of the trail"

We are committed to being active in the community to teach folks about the history and character of Chinooks, sledding and dog training. Team building and cooperation are evident in the way we work with our dogs. Using sledding as a foundation, we offer people a fun way of learning and practicing these concepts. The individual personalities of the dogs help children identify with their own strengths and challenges. We love the opportunity to go anywhere to talk about our dogs and have had many diverse forums for our work.

Where the girls are!


At the "Where the Girls Are" conference in Portland, Maine, in March 1998, Jessica, Penthea and Connie Jones taught women and girls about team building through dog sledding. We had six dogs stuffed in a small, hot room all day long. They got out to run on a team twice during the day and let the participants drive them in a field. The dogs demonstrated their patient and enduring personalities throughout the day.

Penthea and Jessica do another workshop on team building
through sledding for young adults in the State foster care program.
July, 1998


GreatMountain joins WoodsRunner
to exhibit Chinooks at a community
fair in York, Maine. June, 1998.

Rangeley takes her first sled run at the Common Ground Country Fair in Winthrop, Maine where WoodsRunner Chinooks have exhibited the breed for 10 years. September 1997


Penthea, Tamara & Sam Clark, Jessica, Connie Jones, Cindy & Alan Robitaille exhibit their Chinooks at the Sled Dog Trade
Show in Kezar Falls, Maine. The GreatMountain team also
made their race debut at the trade show. October 1998.

Burnham Elementary School

GreatMountain gives a sledding demo to the Burnham Elementary
school and the whole school turns out to watch. January 1999.

Hall Elementary School

Since 1996, we've been joining the Jones' at the Hall School Winter Carnival to give kids a chance to experience mushing first hand. We either drive them on the sleds or allow them to drive the sleds themselves. The kids have an awesome time and can't believe they don't have to pay for this "ride"! The dogs love it. February 1999.


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