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Granite Hill GreatMtn Dirigo DNA-VIP
Born October 31, 2011 ● Female

Dirigo was born in New Hampshire, where the state dog is the Chinook.  She is the daughter of GreatMountain Abnaki and GreatMountain Ashkii.

Dirigo's parents - Abnaki and Ashkii

Abnaki is the daughter of Hurricane Chocorua Moon and Cloudburst Kennebec River.  Ashkii is the son of Hurricane Nokomis Dream and Aspen Creek Belfast Blue.  We were so excited for this breeding and for the opportunity for this GreatMountain grandchild to come home to the farm.

Dirigo's grandmom, Chocorua


Dirigo's other grandmother, Nokomis

Dirigo as an itty-bitty baby
These are her sibs!

Dirigo is the Maine motto and it means “I lead.”  Perhaps Dirigo will lead on a sled team or in the joy that she brings to GreatMountain Farm. 

Yep, I plan on leading!

Dirigo has settled in nicely, finding good company and important life lessons with Trav’ler.  While not an actual grandmother to Dirigo, Trav’ler will share life lessons with this pup.  Her actual grandma, Chocorua, is figuring out that this pup has a special connection with her.

Dirigo loves grandmom Chocorua!


Watch for her future adventures and antics.

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