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Welcome to the 2009 Chinook Calendar Contest!

Voting for the 2009 COA  Calendar Contest is over.  Thanks to all who participated!  Once again, the winning photos are fantastic.   You can purchase a 2009 COA Calendar with the winning photos featured on each month, plus all of the entered photos scattered throughout the calendar by sending a check for $20 for one calendar, or $18.00 for two or more calendars, to Robert Fowler, 3314 SW 162nd Street, Archer, FL 32618.  Checks should be made payable to "Chinook Owners Association".  Calendars will be available for holiday presents!

And the winners are:

Callicoon X Ukko
Bridger Nutmeg

Seven Lakes Cranberry Tyee
Granite Hill Chisana & Howlet

Laughing Mountain Delia
Granite Hill Howlet

Canterbury Savannah, ThunderCloud Karelia, Cloudburst RailRun Rain & Cloudburst RailRun Sabaka
Channahon's Tyee Kopa Konaway


Hurricane Fisher
Rain Mountain Bannack

Callicoon X Castleton
Frontier Rain Tolo Kalitan

Bella Achilles, Victor's Echo, Meadowbrook Boomer, Meadowbrook Avanti

Honorable Mention

Hurricane Finnegan & GreatMountain Tanaina


Granite Hill Tolstoy

Granite Hill Monson &
Rain Mountain Tatoosh of Bear Creek


Southwind Tikaani

See all of the entries!






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