GreatMountain Chinooks
"Loyal friends to the end of the trail"

GreatMountain Dogfish Litter
GR CH 'PR' Hurricane Chocorua Moon X CH Balsam Ridge Tucker
Purebred Litter:  Five puppies born April 5, 2006

Chocorua & Tucker


Chocorua and Tucker are both great sled dogs, have both done well in the show ring and are all around sweet dogs, so we hoped for the same for their offspring.  We have not been disappointed!  Jackman and Willowemoc are both showing tremendous promise in harness and Chicory and Willowemoc are doing well in the show ring.  All of the puppies are wonderful companions to their families!

CH GreatMountain Chicory Stout
Chicory lives with CH Cloudburst Dewey with Kathleen & Tom Schmaltz in GA


Chicory & Dewey

GreatMountain Tupelo Jackman
Jackman lives here at GreatMountain - check out his webpage


Jack & Chocorua coming off the trail.

Chocorua, Mahoosuc & Jack

GreatMountain Willow
Willow lives with the Fortin family in Maine


GreatMountain Sockeye
Sockeye lives with GreatMountain X Coho with Emina & Scott in CA


Coho & Sockeye

Sockeye & Coho

GreatMountain Willowemoc
Willy lives with the Callicoon pack and Maria & Chuck in NY

Willy (front left) in lead with Calli - Ande is in wheel

Willy, Jack & Chocorua

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