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Chinooks & Agility

Agility is an incredibly fun dog sport.  It's a great way to increase obedience, strengthen bonds, increase the drive and confidence of the dog and exercise the dog.  While there are many competitive venues, many people just work their dogs in agility because the dog and handler enjoy the work so much.  Most of the agility equipment is easy to make, although some obstacles, particularly the tunnel and the chute, need to be purchased.  We have built much of the equipment over the past two years and enjoy working many of our dogs on it and visiting dogs love to use the equipment as well.  We hope you'll enjoy these photos of Chinooks working.


WoodsRunner X Ande of GreatMountain


GreatMountain X North Trav'ler

WoodsRunner X Baxter through the tire jump
Rain Mountain Moxie O'BearCreek

Trav'ler over the broad jump
GreatMountain Atlin Moekaneu

Contact Obstacles - A-Frame, Dog Walk & Teeter Totter

Ideally, the dog hits the contact (yellow) zone at a full run - this is GreatMountain X Ningo Saba

The dog should maintain speed on the up hill of the A-frame - this is Pippa Passes Callicoon

They should literally jump over the Apex.  GreatMountain Mahoosuc Blueberry
See that both Mahoosuc and Calli's hind legs are in the air as they come over the top - this is because they've launched from up-side

A dog must put at least one toe in each yellow contact area. 
This is GreatMountain X Redington Guide.


GreatMountain X Yukon Charley showing how it's done

This is the dog walk - this one is four feet off the ground - Red is learning the obstacle

Ideally, the dog will run over this obstacle at full speed -
Ande demonstrating his speed


However, with young dogs just learning the
obstacle, you need to take things slow. 
Here's Callicoon Madeline

GreatMountain X Ningo Saba doing the walk for the first time.


GreatMountain Willowemoc

Moxie showing Red where to step.


Moxie supervising Red's progress
(Red mastered the dog walk at 9 weeks)

You want your dog to approach the teeter with the same gusto she does the other contact obstacles - here Calli takes it at a run
However, a dog is trained to pause at the fulcrum to allow the board to start moving toward the ground before they finish the obstacle.  Ande has a very funny take on this - when he hits the middle, he lies down on his belly and creeps along until the board starts to come down.

Then, he launches from a crouch position off the teeter!  See the base tipping!


The dog should fly out of the tunnel, looking for the next direction - speed is important with this obstacle and the handler needs to be ready to direct the dog.  Look at Mahoosuc's intensity!
GreatMountain Kusko Kwim looking for his mom's direction.


Calli explodes out of the tunnel at a full run.
Willy is very focused.

Pause Table

While this obstacle slows the dog down, you can see the dogs attack it
 with the same enthusiasm.  Ande is an incredible agility dog!

The dog must wait 5 second on the table before moving on.  This is Atlin.
Red was so jealous when she saw Moxie get on the pause table when she was too young to jump on.

There are other obstacles too - including the weave polls and chute - we just don't have photos of those yet.  More to come.  Until then, enjoy these last few photos.

Moxie heading straight to the tunnel


Mahoosuc turning out of the tire jump.

Mother Charley with Red doing the A-Frame together
Mahoosuc loves to work!

Red from the top of the world!


GreatMountain Chinooks

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