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GreatMountain X Yukon Charley DNA-VIP
2006 National Best Chinook Cross

DOB October 5, 2004
CERF Normal
OFA Good
PennHIP 60th %
(DI L .48/R cav)

GR CH 'PR' Sagahlie's Kaniksu Reign (Rainy)

Charley's sire is Rainy and her dam is Trav'ler.  She was born in our kennel and represents the third generation of our cross line. 

GreatMountain X North Trav'ler

Yes, Charley is a girl!  We lost Charley's grandmother, Cheena, just a few days before Charley was born.  We decided to give all of the puppies "kennel" names that represented places associated with the Chena River in Alaska in tribute to her.  Yukon Charley is a place in Alaska where the Yukon and Charley rivers meet.  As Charley's great grandfather was Timbermist's Yukon Jack, we thought it only fitting that she carry this name.

Charley and her littermates - she is second from the right.

Charley at 2 weeks

Charley at 9 weeks.


Charley at 3 years.

Charley runs in lead (right) on our team - her mom runs right behind her.



Charley gave birth to five beautiful puppies on June 14, 2007.  The sire was Hurricane Crispin's Soul.  These pups are the fourth generation from our cross-line and the pups who remain intact and pass their health screenings will be eligible to become registered as purebred.  Her daughter, Redington, has remained in our pack.

Charley with her babies the day they were born.


Saba, Red & Cutler

Saba, Red, Gracie, Cutler & Macwahoc

Charley with her daughter, Red


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