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WoodsRunner X Baxter CGC DNA-VIP
National Specialty Winner 1999 Best Chinook Cross

You can teach an old dog a new trick!
Baxter enjoying the warmth of the sun.

Baxter howls whenever she's on the stakeout line!  Here she is this winter after a run.

DOB 10/10/97
Spayed Female
55 lbs., 22 inches
OFA Excellent
CERF Normal

Baxter after winning the
 National Specialty with
 breeder, Connie Jones, and
 owner/handler, Penthea Burns.


Baxter at Niagara Falls


A-1 ARBA CH "PR" WoodsRunner Lucille


Baxter's sire is WoodsRunner X Erebus and her dam is WoodsRunner Lucille. She is third generation of the WoodsRunner Cross line, which has been accepted by the Chinook Owners Association as an approved cross line. The Line is crossed with Alaskan Malamute.


WoodsRunner X Erebus

Baxter & Rangeley crossing the race finish line.


Baxter is by far the happiest member of our pack. Baxter wags and wags and wags. We take this to be a statement on the great life she has and the excellent stock from which she comes.

When Baxter started running with our team, she demonstrated lead-dog know-how right away. She had her first sledding experience at the age of one. She ran on a six dog team in swing (just behind lead). She ran a four mile loop and pulled the whole way! Just like her mom, Lucille, Baxter's wiggly while she's waiting to go but there's no stopping her once she's started.

She began sledding in earnest in 1999 when she joined us for a sledding vacation and had to work on a two dog team. She was up to the challenge and lunged into her harness with an eagerness to pull. She had a blast and gave Pen several fast runs. She has been running in lead ever since and constantly shows her desire to work.  Baxter ran in her first sanctioned race on her second birthday. She ran on a two dog bikejor team. She pulled like a champ and the team won the race. We're so proud of her.

(left to right) Brothers Sky & Hudson, father Erebus and Baxter at 1.5 years

Baxter was bred to Hurricane Tucker and produced three male off-spring on January 4, 2001. She was a great mom!  Atticus weighs 90lbs and is 26 inches tall!

(l-r) Kineo, Tavi & Atticus
Baxter with her three sons from Tucker.
WoodsRunner X Atticus of GreatMountain - looks like his grandfather, Erebus.

Baxter had a second litter with Frontier Jackson.  She produced two male off-spring on April 9, 2002.  

Baxter and Ande
Baxter and Cooper


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