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"Loyal friends to the end of the trail"

'PR' Hurricane Baring Downeast

I'm one handsome dude!

In this photo, I look a lot like the old Chinooks - see my new toy?

Why should I stand???

I love my mommy! (this is the top of the 4 foot dog walk!)
I don't think she should leave me!

What's next?

Classic Baring - he's saying, "How you doin'?"


Baring and his daughter, Otter 

DOB 3/15/01
U.K.C. Registered
26 inches
72 lbs.
CERF Normal
OFA Excellent

Baring (right) with his buddy Katahdin

Baring working as a single dog - you can see him really digging in!


Baring is our only boy and he thinks quite a lot of himself surrounded by his harem of girls.  He is a sweet guy who loves to cuddle and give sweet little kisses.  While Baring showed initial promise as a sled dog, he has decided working isn't really for him.  So, he's kickin' back enjoying life on the farm and watchin' the other dogs do the work.




CH 'PR' Hurricane Electra


Baring's dam is Electra and his sired is Taz. He's obviously got their stunning good looks!


CH 'PR' Thunder Paws Taz of Boreayl

Baring sleeping with his head on his daughter, Otter.


Baring sired two litters before he was neutered.  All of his offspring are just as sweet at he is.

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