April Snowstorms - April 1st through April 17th

 The first few weeks of April brought snow, snow and more snow!  We got big storms on the 5th, 12th and 15th (although the last one turned into two days of rain).  Pen got some terrific photos over these three weeks.  While we're still trudging through snow on our daily walks with the dogs, spring has firmly taken root now, so watch this space for proof of spring.  For now, enjoy these late winter snowstorm photos!

This is not a painting - it's a photograph of the sky with no enhancements!

Our front yard - April 12th


Our woodpile


Jess took this photo - the birds have been eating us out of house and home with all of the bad weather!  We keep them well fed and in return they sing us the sweetest songs all day long!


We had to sneak a Chinook in here somewhere!

The sunset from our front porch - April 7th