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In Support of the UKC Chinook

GreatMountain Chinooks unequivocally supports the United Kennel Club (UKC) Chinook.  Since 1991, the UKC has offered the Chinook breed unwavering support in its endeavors to strengthen and better the breed.  The UKC has adopted policies and an approach that shows it understands and supports the developmental needs of our breed.  Specifically, while it had never done so before, in 1997 the UKC worked with the Chinook Owners Association, Inc (COA) to develop a CrossBreeding Program intended to increase genetic diversity and strengthen the health and working ability of the breed.  The UKC has continually upheld its commitment to the Chinook and we encourage the Chinook community to support the UKC for all it has done for our breed. 

Some in the Chinook breed believe it is time for the Chinook to be recognized by the AKC and have taken substantial steps to accomplish this goal.  As the Chinook is still a developing breed, we do not believe the time is right for the breed to enter the AKC. More troubling is the AKC's decision to reject the listing of any UKC registered purebred Chinooks who descend from the COA's CrossBreeding Program.  This decision threatens to divide the Chinook gene pool and Chinook owners.  Calls to maintain a unified breed are coming from almost every corner of the Chinook community; we join others in seeking unity.  Like many in the Chinook fancy, GreatMountain Chinooks are concerned with the positions that are being taken in relation to the Chinook breed entering the AKC. 

We stand firm in our belief that the AKC is simply not the right registry for a breed that is still in development.  We also ask, if AKC recognition requires abandonment of purebreds from the COA CrossBreeding Program and increasing the division within the Chinook community, how can AKC recognition be beneficial to the breed?  At this cost, AKC recognition seems only damaging to the breed that we love.  AKC recognition of the Chinook easily can be and should be suspended until greater collaborative efforts can be achieved. 

In this controversy, we are struck by the words of Perry Greene on the subject of AKC recognition.  Perry Greene was one of the major contributors to the development of the Chinook breed.  In a 1952 True: The Man's Magazine interview with Charles N. Barnard, Perry Greene was asked why he didn't register the Chinook breed with the American Kennel Club when all that is required is a registration fee of $400 and proof of eight consecutive generations of pure breeding.  His response:

  “I’ve got the four hundred dollars somewhere.’ Allows Greene, ‘and I can show them thirty-three generations of pure breeding right there in that safe.  Why don’t I? Because I don’t want to see the dog ruined; I don’t want them bred for show with narrow heads and thin quivering hind legs.’ About then Perry gets strong feelings about the subject and cranks up his big voice to add, ‘I raise dogs – real, working animals, guardians, and companions, - not models!  I refuse to breed the brains out of them!”

GreatMountain Chinooks couldn't agree more!  We raise dogs - real working animals and companions and we register them with the UKC because the UKC is a registry that was established to honor real working dogs.  Established in 1898, the UKC is the largest all-breed performance-dog registry in the world.  UKC prides itself on its family-oriented, friendly, educational events - did you know that unlike the AKC, UKC does not allow paid handlers? The UKC supports the "Total Dog" philosophy through its events and programs, placing equal emphasis on a dog’s conformation and ability to perform its intended function.

In order to ensure that there is no genetic split in our most beloved breed, we encourage all owners and breeders of Chinooks to register their dogs with the UKC - the most inclusive Chinook registry.  So long as all litters and dogs continue to be registered in the UKC, the gene pool will not be split regardless of AKC's recognition.

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